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From January - March 

Revise content and prepare for mock exams for the IGCSE and A level courses with Qutors recognized revision courses led by instructors at QF partner universities.

Location: Qutors Hub, Education City, Qatar Foundation 

Led by outstanding Cambridge instructors 

The IGCSE and A Level Mocks revision course is delivered by our exceptional team of tutors, who have been delivering our IGCSE/A level academic support to students at British schools in Qatar. Learning and revising  with high-scoring IGCSE graduates, teachers, and examiners means that you’ll get exceptional support every day on the course.


Revise up to three subjects in small-group revision sessions

Our intensive subject courses, led by our best tutors and teachers, will prepare you for any mock exams as well as give you a head start on revision for the May-June exams.

This course covers 

Taught by inspiring and trained tutors
10 students maximum per class
Delivered at Qutors classrooms at Education City 
Classes split with levels and aptitude 


Choose upto 3 IGCSE Courses to study over a period of two months with average group sizes of 5 students 


Take this opportunity to plug any gaps in your subject knowledge and get ahead with exam preparation for May


Get the grade you deserve with our IGCSE and A Levels revision courses and one-on-one tutoring 

At Qutors Tutoring Hub, we work with excelling instructors who are A levels graduates, as well as teachers and examiners. During the mocks course, each student will be granted access to their personal academic improvement schedule and a weekly plan that revolves around their academic growth on the courses. If a student falls behind on the course due to lack of understanding of the material, the student can book extra hours for one-on-one tutoring with our tutors. 

Long term support and resources to help you throughout your final year in high school.

You can get access to one-on-one tutoring sessions if you prefer individualized attention and guidance throughout your revision course 



Thorough. Focused. Tailored

This course has one primary goal: to prepare you for your examinations. We'll help you get the marks you need by offering short and intensive subject-specific courses taught by top professors. Small lessons allow our experts to get to know you and your individual needs, allowing them to provide personalized feedback to assist you continue with your revision. A pre-course questionnaire will assist us in tailoring everything to you.



Our mocks and spring revision courses are an excellent supplement to in-class study. With a compressed teaching schedule and so many schools impacted by staff availability and technological upskilling, please contact us to explore conducting a version of this course for your students as a cohort or for specific courses.

Curriculum Driven Modules

Benefit from any subject where you need an extra boost. One subject at a time, we’ll review the main concepts, the exams and key test-taking strategies.

Mathematics Further 

Business Management 
Information Technology

English Language and Literature  

Environmental Management

The Revision Course

Every need catered for.

  • Each course is taught for 14 hours for a week

  • A Pre course questionnaire is provided to assess each students needs

  • All subjects are taught by highly qualified instructors 

  • If a student choses to study online, we will connect the student with a tutor at Harvard University 

  • Small class sizes for individualized attention and to maintain social distancing

  • Set and reviewed homework for private study outside class.

  • Access class notes and any other resources via the support – before, during and after support centre.

  • On-course support staff.

  • Past papers and revision booklets provided to students for additional support


Thank you for your support, my child got into Weill Cornell Medical College 

Parent, Qatar International School 

Qutors service is great, its one of the best tutoring institutes in Qatar specially that you get access to highly qualified instructirs at QF makes it more exceptional. One of the greatest initiatives I came across. 

Fatma Al Sada,  Sherbone School 

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