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Exam Review and Prep tutoring  

Intensive Exam Revision 

Our tutors and instructors use a sophisticated exam technique and past-paper answering technique you need to succeed, with tailored classes exploring the structure of the exam and full-length practice tests and past papers. 

Our tailored review and exam prep sessions will leave you ready to excel in your exams in full confidence. Our Review and prep exam tutoring  offers you a balance of specialized study and practice time monitored by our tutors and provides extra specific skills lessons and additional practice tests.

Review sessions provide an opportunity to review concepts at certain points in the semester, including before certain exams.

Optimize answering strategy 

Gain in-depth familiarity with the structure of your chosen exam, strengthen your time-management skills, avoid procrastinationand build an effective exam strategy

One-on-one attention 

Get individualized attention from your tutor and cover all the areas in the syllabus and the past papers. 


Take a full-length past papers  and receive feedback on all sections. Additional study materials may provide opportunities for extra practice in chosen course 

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