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Empowering students to reach their full academic potential

Qutors academic success is an academic assistance research and tutoring program, a curriculum enrichment program at Qatar Foundation Pre-University Education which provides a multidisciplinary approach to academic assistance, transformative tutoring, success in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Advanced Placement courses for students at Qatar Foundation Pre-University Education entities and local schools in Qatar.

Navigating Identity:

Who We Are 


Our goals are anchored on elevating the academic achievement and unlocking the success potential of high school students through innovative and transformative tutoring methods and academic assistance programs, with the ultimate aim of creating a positive impact on both the national and global academic landscape. By anchoring our efforts in supporting student success, Qutors strives to cultivate a new generation of elite student performers.

Why Us

Our Principles 

Transformative Tutoring: Enriching academic context through perception 

Enriching current methods of academic learning and knowledge acquiring methods for students through transformative learning support and tutoring while encouraging critical thinking through teacher-student dialogue to drive focus and maximize intentional learning goals and structural thinking, laying the groundwork of rigorous academic curriculum for high-school students in Qatar


Beyond the ClassroomOur Programs 

Our programs focus on providing strategic and one-on-one tutoring and beyond classroom instruction and academic paradigms with educational assistance pathways for students, schools and educational institutions in Qatar and support our stakeholders on transformative academic support and tutoring. We work to convene and strengthen linkages between transformative tutoring education, research, and industry and extend our network by collaborating with leading local and international institutions to enhance the depth and breadth of becoming National Transformative Tutoring Agenda. 

Navigating the Impact Landscape


Average IB Score 


Average ACT scores 


Average SAT Scores 


Students and parents satisfaction rate 

The Voice of the Parents: Testimonials

Parent, Qatar Academy

Great initiative. Successful implementation and professional approach to academic support

Asma Al Thani, Qatar Academy

Grateful of Qutors, my IB scores jumped from 3-5 throughout two years

Ali Al-Thani, Parent -- Qatar Academy 

Excellent execution and an innovative solution to academic support.

Academic Curriculum Partners 

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