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DP Forward Program

Tailored support and tutoring for IBDP Students throughout the year with direct support from IB instructors, tutors and examiners.  

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Join the IBDP Forward Learning Program and cultivate new ways of thinking, boost your academic confidence, and learn to lead with purpose.

Beyond the Classroom: IBDP Year 1 and 2 Preparation Program

This program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, with personalized instruction and one-on-one attention for each IBDP Course IBDP Year 1 and 2 students. We offer intensive academic support with our transformative tutoring methods including individual tutoring sessions, small group sessions, and strategic revision courses for IB Final Examinations 

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Foundation Level

8 weeks

Revise the content for each IBDP course to cultivate essential skills via engaging and instructor-paced modules. These courses will introduce you to problem solving, understanding past paper questions, problem-solving, innovative approaches to navigating the content in the IB subjects


Advanced Level

8 weeks

Apply and understand the learning outcomes, an immersive experience with advanced IB revision materials, personalized revision for IB subjects, and strategic assignment planning.

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DP Advanced Pro 

12 months - one academic year

An IB Learning Support Program spanning the entire year, including early preparation for IAS, Extended Essay Research, and proactive management of assignment deadlines.


IB Forward is delivered in an interactive, on campus classes in Education City. It begins with exploring foundational topics in a IB course, then analyzing the assessment criteria and employing critical thinking to comprehend historical paper questions. The students will ultimately be able to develop new learning and understanding behaviors through ongoing reflection and rigorous learning. At the end of the program, receive a Qutors Program certified badge and join an exclusive Qatari network of young, life-long learners.

Breaking Boundaries:
Studying at Qutors Dedicated Classrooms for Diverse Learners in Education City

Education City's Qutors Dedicated Classrooms are committed to providing an innovative learning environment for IB Tutoring students, with a focus on breaking boundaries in education. Our approach to teaching and learning incorporates inclusive teaching strategies, flexible seating arrangements, and the latest technology to create a personalized experience that caters to the unique needs of each student. Our goal is to empower our students to achieve their full potential and succeed in their academic pursuits. By studying in a Qutors Dedicated Classroom at Education City, students can expect to receive a holistic education that prepares them for global challenges and opens up opportunities for their future careers.


IBDP Success:
Long-term Support and Resources for Your Final Year

This program aims to enrich the current methods of academic learning for students through transformative tutoring while encouraging critical thinking through teacher-student dialogue to drive focus and maximize elite success, laying the groundwork of rigorous academic curriculum for QF Pre-university  students in Qatar.

The goal of enriching academic methods for students through transformative tutoring is to provide a more dynamic and engaging learning experience that can help students to develop critical thinking skills. This approach aims to move beyond traditional rote learning methods, which often focus on memorization of facts and figures, and instead focuses on developing analytical and problem-solving abilities.

By encouraging critical thinking through teacher-student dialogue, students are encouraged to actively engage with their academic material, ask questions, and seek clarification with the core focus on independent research and individualized attention during a tutoring session. This approach can help students to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and content and to identify areas where they need further support or clarification.

Through this process, students can begin to take ownership of their learning, working collaboratively with their tutors to set goals and objectives that are tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. This can be particularly effective in high school, where students may be more focused on achieving academic success and preparing for higher education or careers.

Getting started

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Our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique strengths and areas for improvement and develop a customized plan that addresses your individual academic needs and preferences.

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