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Beyond the Score: College Test Prep Programs 

Standardized Test Prep Program: SAT & ACT 

Led by top scoring instructors,

and graduates of Qatar Foundation partner universities who assist students in performing well on standardized examinations to help them stand out in their applications to prestigious universities.

At Qutors Program at Education City, we take pride in offering an exceptional SAT and ACT Preparation Program. Our program is strategically designed to provide students with the tools they need to not only succeed but excel in these standardized tests. The results speak for themselves: for the past few years, all students in our program have achieved remarkable scores and secured coveted spots in top universities worldwide.

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Ultimate Test Prep Program: Navigating Complexity in the new Digital SAT 

  • Pre-assessment testing students' current skills, identifying weaknesses which will help us place each student on the right course estimating the time and duration required for the student to be ace the test.  

  • A thorough study guide to show exactly how to put newfound testing "know-how" into practice by following a clear, proven plan that ensures that students are able to get work done without being overwhelmed.

  • In depth preparation of each topic in all areas of the test

  • A Study plan for each student to make sure they have enough time to practice test papers before the Test Day

  • A Personal Academic Advisor assigned to each student where students can ask clarifying questions, in addition to receiving weekly reports to keep them on track with their ACT/SAT study schedule. 

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