Our Subjects and Packages 

Choose the right package and find your focus by filling in knowledge gaps, understanding IB exams structure, paper answering strategy and building your confidence in a chosen subject to get the high score required by your  chosen university.

Discover our packages 

Starter pack

​Get 6 hours of intensive tutoring for a week or two! 

  •  Ideal for students struggling in a particular area or with a specific topic

  • Improve your understanding before a test or quiz you have coming

  • Tailored advice on how to approach the work by our top-class tutors


Core Pack​

12 hours of intensive tutoring for consecutive two weeks 

  • Fill in knowledge gaps across a subject and go in-depth into specific topics and areas

  • Get expert support that follows the syllabus and practice with past exam questions 

  •  Consolidate knowledge and work on practice problems together with your instructor


Exam Pack​

16 hours of intensive one-on-one revision 

  •  Identify, target, and improve your weakest areas to get you ready for exams

  •  Become familiar with how to pick up ‘easy’ points on the final exam

  • Solve at least 20 past papers and exam questions to get familiar with the repeated exam questions 

  •  Learn exam-taking techniques so you feel ready on the big day


Available subjects

Advanced Pack​ 

30 hours of intensive revision 

  • Go through each section of the syllabus

  • Practice each chapter exam questions, revising each section in depth 

  • Weekly testing to monitor progress

  • Weekly reports to be sent to parents to measure progress 

  • Multiple revisions of each chapter and topic for a specific subject

  • Guaranteed 7 



Individuals and societies 

  • Biology HL/SL 

  • Physics HL/SL 

  • Chemistry HL/SL 

  • Computer Science HL/SL

  • Business Management HL/SL 

  • Economics HL/SL 

  • History HL/SL

  • Psychology HL/SL

  • ITGS HL 


  • Mathematics AI SL

  • Mathematics AA SL


  • English Language and Literature A HL 

  • English Language and Literature B 

  • Arabic B HL 

  • Arabic B SL