IB 1-to-1 and group tutoring at Qutors to boost your grades. 

At Qutors, we provide intensive and rigorous strategic support to students currently studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at IB Schools in Qatar. 

Math Homework

IB Tutoring at Qutors Corporation 


IB Tutoring and Revision courses 

We provide rigorous IB support in selective IB subjects. We provide our students with the highest level of support by creating additional resources for you such as study guides, past paper questions and more. 


Individual matching for 1-on-1 tutoring sessions

Through our matching process, we learn more about your requirements, learning style, concerns and goals before you start tutoring with us which will help us match you with the right tutor to suit your needs and availability. 


Holistic Support 

Classes, coursework, CAS reflections, university application and the list goes on. From intensive revision courses and 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, our aim is to provide comprehensive, personal support to help you understand the IB requirements and excel. 


Outstanding IB Tutors 

Our tutors are high achieving IB graduates and IB professors who are well aware of the IBDP structure. Our instructors come from top universities in the world including Harvard University and QF partner universities . 

Reinforce strategic approach to solving past papers 

Master the syllabus with our tailored tutoring for IB Students 

Prepare for Mock Exams 

Achieve high scores in all your coursework from summative assessments to IA's and final IB exams 

Focused Learning 

On-course support staff to monitor students progress and set and reviewed homework  is given for private study outside class