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Common mistakes students make in their college application that you should avoid

Students in their final year of high-school who are preparing to enter the next big step in their life, also known as college phase, tend to get really stressed because of all the things that they need to do in order to submit their college application.

During a stressful time like that, students may get distracted and make mistakes that seem simple, but in reality, they are the reason why their college application turns out bad.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid making in your college application:

Not providing specific reasons for choosing this university

One major mistake students do is that they write silly and generic answers for this question. For example, students tend to write that they chose this university because of how big the campus is or because their friends go there. But, instead, the answer should show how deeply interested you are in something unique that the university has, like a specific major that they offer or because of how your values match with their core values as well.

Overlooking proofreading

Before submitting the college application, students should make sure that they proofread their entire application with all the essays and materials included in it. For extra proofreading, students should ask another adult (teacher, guidance counselor, parent) to proofread the application too.

Applying on the same day as the deadline

It is highly advised that students send their college applications at least 2 months prior to the deadline. Moreover, the admissions office will track the date the student sent in the application, and if it was sent late, it would give off an impression that the student is lazy, or that they are not interested in this university. On the other hand, if the application was sent earlier, it would show that the student is hardworking, interested in this university and respects the importance of submission before the deadline.

Neglecting showing interest in the university

The admissions office like to read what students find interesting about the university. They find it as a way of praising the university. So, in other words, try to write all the reasons you like this university. What interests you in it? What is something unique that you like about it? What made you choose it over other universities?

To conclude, always remember that neglecting these small details may affect your applications in ways you can’t imagine, which is why it is really important for students to avoid these mistakes that may seem simple, but they do have a huge negative impact on the overall application.

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