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Staying Productive: How To Stop Procrastinating?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

One of the most frustrating moments in life is when you have a lot of work to do, yet so little motivation and desire to do it. Many of us go through a phase that lasts for a day or two where we just feel tired, exhausted, demotivated and just want to call it a day. It is okay to take breaks but start getting worried when you get too comfortable with taking a break.

It is hard to stay productive while being tired and unmotivated, but hey! Here are some tips that could help in checking things off from your to-do list, even when you don’t feel like getting any work done.

Set a short-term goal

Setting a goal for yourself to achieve by the end of the day is a great way to get you working and checking things off from your to-do list. It will help you explore your self-discipline skills.

Go easy on yourself

Since you are feeling tired and not in the mood to work (but you have to), then starting with the hard tasks won’t be a wise decision. On days like these, you should start working on the easy tasks that can be finished quickly instead of working on big tasks that might take a long time and cause major headaches. This way, you will get some tasks out of the way, while also preventing yourself from getting a major headache that will cause you to stop working at all.

Take a break

Yes, you read that right. Take a break. Just because you might be doing easy tasks, doesn’t mean that you go on like that for the whole day because that will drive you mad. Everyone needs a break when working because it helps clear the mind to think and focus better. During your break you can sit by the window and get some sunlight, or you can take a nap for 15 minutes, or you can even meditate.

You do you, but what is important is that you need to take breaks.

Reward yourself

At the end of the day, reward yourself for the accomplishment you made, especially because you got some work done even when you felt like you were not in the mood for working. Go watch your favorite show, order your favorite food or do anything that would make you happy because you earned the determination to get some work done!

Remember that you’re not the only one who procrastinates!

Have you ever felt the need to stay in bed all day and not work at all? Share your experience with us in the comments down below!

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