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Standardized Test Prep Program: SAT & ACT 

In our SAT/ACT Prep Courses, students will tackle a comprehensive review of the academic concepts tested on the ACT and the SAT as well as rigorous lessons on target-score-specific strategies throughout summer.

Prepare with the best.


Academic Writing Bootcamp 

1 week program

Improve your academic writing skills this summer to ace your essays next academic year 


Understanding Research Methods: Bootcamp

Develop your writing abilities with the help of a private instructor, whether it's drafting a thesis statement or gathering research resources. 

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Academic Writing Bootcamp (Arabic and English):

1 week program

The abilities you'll learn in this Specialization will help you succeed in any college course or career field. You'll learn how to do rigorous academic research and how to clearly explain your ideas in an academic setting. All of the knowledge you've gained throughout these courses will culminate in an academic research paper on a topic of your choosing in the final Capstone Project.

Understanding Research Methods: Bootcamp

This summer program will appeal to those of you who need a better understanding of research methods and abilities, as well as the capacity to apply them in your studies or careers. Students will particularly benefit those of you who are required to undertake research as part of your postgraduate studies but do not have access to research techniques courses, or who believe you lack the necessary skills.

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